About Whitespace

What is Whitespace?

A designer program that builds up designers and design teams for tech startups.

Where is Whitespace?

We're in San Francisco, California.

When does the program take place?

The Winter 2018 session will start in early-September and end in November.

How much does Whitespace cost?

Whitespace is a free program. In addition to the skills development and mentorship, our Design Fellows will receive a stipend for the duration of the program.

How is Whitespace able to offer full tuition scholarship?

Designers are in high demand—scholarships are provided by our partner startups.

Why is this relevant today?

Technology is moving at an incredible pace creating a demand for designers. But there's a gap in designers with the appropriate skills to take on these roles at tech startups. Whitespace aims to fill the gap—connecting our Design Fellows to key opportunities.


What is the format?

Designers will be paired with a partner startup. 3 days a week will be spent at the startup and 2 days a week at Whitespace studio.

What goes on during studio days?

Studio days will consists of talks, critiques, office hours and group work sessions. It is designated time to learn from industry design mentors and fellow designers. We also go on occasional field trips.

Do you have lectures?

Yes, studio days will consist of lectures and workshops from our design mentors so you can learn from their experience.


When can I apply?

Applications are closed for Winter 2018. To be notified of our next session, sign up for our newsletter.

What is the admissions process?

We review all applications submitted. A small number will be selected for phone interviews. Those that make it pass the phone interviews will be invited to an in-person/Skype interview. Applicants are then introduced to partner startups. Designers are accepted into the program when a match is made with a startup.

How many designers will Whitespace accept?

Whitespace will accept 10 designers for Winter 2018.


Who can apply for the program?

Whitespace is open to anyone who considers themselves a designer. A portfolio is required to apply.

How much experience do I need for Whitespace?

Whitespace is ideal for experienced designers with a background in graphic design, human computer interaction design, computer science, or related field. Our applicants typically have at least a couple years experience.

Am I guaranteed a job after the program?

Designers may receive an offer from their paired startup. If not, we'll connect you with other startups within our network. Our goal is to connect designers with jobs and startups with designers.

How much will I get paid as a designer at a startup?

Designer salary at startups typically range from $75,000 to $100,000 per year along with equity stake in the company.


Can I enroll in Whitespace if I already work at a startup?

Yes, startups have enrolled their designers in our program. Contact us for more information and a nifty brochure to share with your CEO.

Who's behind Whitespace?

Whitespace was started by designers for designers. We have a passion for design & education and have made it our goal to build up industry-ready designers to tackle the fast paced world of technology.

What is the time commitment?

Startups are demanding and require capacity for learning while doing. We're here to help you reduce cycles in learning. It is a full-time commitment—expect to spend +40 hours per week.

Will I have an opportunity to interact with companies besides the one where I'll be working?

Yes, studio days will give you insights into the startups of your Design Fellows. Whitespace events will also give you an opportunity to learn and network with other startups. And we'll go on design field trips.

What equipment and resources are provided?

Design Fellows should have their own laptop and graphics software. Unlimited whiteboards, sticky notes, and sharpies will be provided.

Is housing/relocation provided?

We will provide information on housing but designers will be responsible for their own housing costs.

How can I be notified of upcoming classes?

Email us.
Sign up for our newsletter for program news and updates.