Whitespace is a selective design program
connecting designers with rising tech startups
in Silicon Valley.

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Accelerate your Design Career

Our 10-week, intensive program elevates your soft skills as a designer in tech
and hones your hard skills in design web and mobile apps.

Add to Your Stack

You’ll build on your strengths, increasing your skillset across the product spectrum (UX, UI, IX, and visual design) to become a more versatile designer. We don’t like to say “unicorn”

Fast-pace Growth

Build, measure, learn—you’ll work on a wide range of projects at a fast-pace, product-focused startup. It’ll be challenging but rewarding.

Learn from Design Leaders

You’ll have studio days to experiment and learn alongside Whitespace Fellows and design mentors. This is where you’ll make life-long friends and connections.

Make a Big Impact on a Small Team

We partner with rising tech startups—our companies have solid funding, credible founders, and great teams.

Prior startup partners are making a difference in

Education, Healthcare, Finance, Enterprise, and Consumer spaces.

Grow Smarter Together

Build confidence in your process, your work, and yourself
through the support of our design community.

Sarah Harrison

Lead Instructor / Whitespace

Xander Pollock

Product Designer / Formerly at Google

Noah Levin

Design Manager / ClassPass

Tim Van Damme

Designer / Abstract

Ryan Koziel

Product Designer / Uber

Andrew Johnson

Brand & Design / Good Eggs

Bona Kim

Product Design Lead / Smule

Derek Kohn

Product Design Manager / Linkedin

Darren Chan

Product Designer / LoadDocs

Frank Yoo

Director of UX & Product Design / Lyft

A Unique Opportunity